• Friday Night Video | Here’s The Thing
    This Friday night, those of us in the US are probably election fatigued. Let’s spend some time with a duo from the other side of the world. Egoism hail from Sydney, Australia and stand firmly in a global line of brilliant dream pop. They just dropped the On Our Minds EP today, which they affectionately… Continue reading Friday Night Video | Here’s The Thing
  • Come Back This Way Again
    One of the casualties of the COVID-19 crisis this year was a Tennis show in May that was to be held at the Haw River Ballroom. Tennis, like many other bands, had to cancel their tour across the US. I’m assured by the ticket vendor that the show will still happen, in 2021, albeit at… Continue reading Come Back This Way Again
  • Friday Night Video | Turtle Bay
    🎵 Softer Still – Turtle Bay: This song and video aren’t new. I first heard the track while on a beach trip in 2018, when it showed up on my Apple New Music playlist. Maybe it was the sand between my toes, but it seemed just the right time to be listening to a song… Continue reading Friday Night Video | Turtle Bay
  • Friday Night Video | Daniel
    🎵Bat for Lashes – Daniel: With the current popularity of the Cobra Kai series, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit Natasha Khan’s 2009 emotional tribute to the Karate Kid himself, Daniel LaRusso. I’m posting the live version from The Late Show here because I find the official video to be kind of creepy.… Continue reading Friday Night Video | Daniel
  • Who’s Going to Drive You Home?
    🎵 Soccer Mommy – Who’s Going to Drive You Home?: Until now, I’ve been largely immune to the hype surrounding Soccer Mommy. Then I heard this cover of the Cars off of the new *Soccer Mommy and Friends* singles series.
  • Friday Night Video | Tailwhip
    🎵 Men I Trust – Tailwhip: I don’t usually have FOMO, nor do I spend a lot of time on regret. I do wish I had gone to [this show]( at the Cat’s Cradle, though.
  • Sound Analysis
    When Wilco’s incredibly critically acclaimed album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out, I remember reading a review of it on Amazon. To paraphrase the review, it said this is an amazing album, but you have to get it on compact disc. It assured the aspiring listener that on the CD, you could hear things that you… Continue reading Sound Analysis
  • Untitled
    📺 [Pickathon – Khruangbin]( This show (recorded last year) was scorching. The band played their back catalog as well as a a medley of covers that included Warren G/Nate Dogg, Dre, Spandau Ballet and Chris Isaak plus a later tribute to Dick Dale. Mind blowing.
  • Untitled
    🎵 The passing of Richard Swift was a tragedy and the musical legacy he left behind, not just through his own compositions, but through the production of the music of others, is an important one. I once wrote that Damian Jurado’s bright and beautiful “A.M. AM” (you might recognize the song if you watched *Wild… Continue reading Untitled
  • Untitled
    {{}} **Friday Night Videos: Bad Habit** This is a short one, and I’d rather some new full-length music from the Ice Choir, but the lo-fi beats and animated video make this enjoyable.