Well, it turns out I couldn’t avoid politics this weekend. I’m so glad that ended up being the case, though. Grateful for this election outcome.


Trying hard to keep politics from being my companion this weekend. I can still use Micro.blog.

Friday Night Video | Here’s The Thing

This Friday night, those of us in the US are probably election fatigued. Let’s spend some time with a duo from the other side of the world. Egoism hail from Sydney, Australia and stand firmly in a global line of brilliant dream pop. They just dropped the On Our Minds EP today, which they affectionately refer to as their shoegaze release. Most of the tracks have more of an indie pop sound, though, with subtle hints of gauzy textures. However, my favorite track, ‘Never Leave,’ has a little of Depreciation Guild in the last minute, sounding a bit like shoegaze flirting with chiptune.

In the video for the first track off the EP, ‘Here’s The Thing,’ you get a good sense for the sound and aesthetic of Egoism. As I go through middle age, I’m sure at some point, I’ll get tired of people just out of their teenage years crooning about love and relationships. Sometimes I secretly hope that never happens, though.


“In America, in every puddle, there’s a gasoline rainbow.”

~ Doug Martsch, Built to Spill


Currently reading: [A Passage to India](https://micro.blog/books/9780140180763) by E. M. Forster 📚. East meets West in Colonial India. Some of the stereotypes are a bit hard to take, but it’s all done to show the ridiculousness of them.

When It Comes Down

I am an unaffiliated voter. I used to vote based on policies and candidates. In the last few years, the Grand Old Party has made decision making at voting time a lot easier. They helpfully put an R next to the people you shouldn’t vote for on the ballot.

The kinds of people this party tends to attract view politics as a game to be won, rather than a way to improve the country. When they recently pushed through their favored Supreme Court nominee, this was their response.

After they got the touchdown, they spiked the ball, did an end zone dance and left the field. Mitch closed down the Senate after they scored their points. What, you might ask, about the people who are suffering from the effects of COVID and needed the relief package that had been in the works? They were callously left in the lurch. All that mattered was the win. Even a win at the cost of breaking a rule the GOP themselves made four years ago about how Supreme Court Justices should be appointed. Victory at any cost.

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These Pac-Man style ghosts turned into screaming banshees in tropical storm winds.


On a British magistrate in colonial India:

“Ronny approved of religion as long as it endorsed the National Anthem, but he objected when it attempted to influence his life.”

~ E.M. Forster, A Passage To India

It seems we find many Americans with this same mindset.