• Medium Admiring RSS
    Medium recently changed their mobile reading experience. It’s still in beta, and you have to toggle a preference in settings to turn it on, so you won’t see it by default. They have been signaling its coming for a few months, though. The tag line they’ve been using is that it makes Medium “more relational.”… Continue reading Medium Admiring RSS
  • A Brydge Over Troubled Water
    On the Friday night that started a holiday weekend, I found myself helping to troubleshoot an application outage that had come up about unexpectedly. It was an interesting start to the weekend and I am thankful for the technical acumen of my coworkers (near and far) for helping us to get through the crisis. Afterward,… Continue reading A Brydge Over Troubled Water
  • Narrow Vision, You’re A Scapegoat
    I find myself in the most unusual position of agreeing with Attorney General William Barr. Barr believes that major tech companies are making serious compromises in order to get access to the Chinese labor and consumer market. “The Chinese Communist Party thinks in terms of decades and centuries, while we tend to focus on the… Continue reading Narrow Vision, You’re A Scapegoat
  • App Development To Give Back To Online Communities
    The platform has been growing lately, and part of the growth has been through plugins and new apps. Plugins are a welcome additions to the base M.b. hosted blogging experience. They do simple but helpful things, like adding open graph and Twitter cards for rich previews of content on various platforms, site search and… Continue reading App Development To Give Back To Online Communities
  • Untitled
    Politico [has a piece]( on why the Facebook boycott by major companies likely neither cost the companies much nor impact Facebook very much. The timing is particularly important. The three reasons: 1. This is during a historically slow sales month. 2. It is happening happening during a recession. 3. It coincides with the low-spending period… Continue reading Untitled
  • Roam, If You Want To
    In his latest newsletter, Chris Bowler spends a bit of time on the Roam note taking service that is currently in beta. His reference for Roam was Drew Coffman. I love Drew, and he attaches to new ideas with the zeal of an ancient Athenian. Roam bares more resemblance to a wiki than anything else,… Continue reading Roam, If You Want To
  • iLamp
    It’s surprising to see that the “iLamp” version of the iMac, which hasn’t been sold for 15 years, continues to appear in new places. This version of the iMac stands out in the line of products as being the most unusual. It is the only iMac to feature most of the guts in the stand,… Continue reading iLamp
  • Time to Look Forward
    Andy Nicolaides from The Dent has a post about continuing to care about things that may seem inconsequential during these times of isolation and illness. He emphasizes that it’s okay to look forward. If any of you reading this have been thinking there’s no point in starting that new podcast you’ve had on your mind… Continue reading Time to Look Forward
  • Love In The Time Of Coronavirus
    Inspired by Austin Kleon, Omar created a one page zine, about living through quarantine in China during the Coronavirus outbreak. He has also been blogging regular updates about what the isolation has been like. The quarantine not only excludes contact with others, but for families, it tests your internal dynamics. To answer the question of… Continue reading Love In The Time Of Coronavirus
  • The Social Media Morass
    A few months ago, Consequence of Sound reported on Disney passing on the chance to buy Twitter because, in the words of Disney chief Bob Iger, “the nastiness is extraordinary.” Once upon a time, way back in 2017, there was a little website called Twitter that caught the eyes of the monolith Disney. The idea… Continue reading The Social Media Morass